• It just would look like the devil for you to be barging about the country with a couple of men— Sissies! She smelled the aroma of coffee on his breath, felt his comforting warmth through the thin fabric of her nightdress, and heard his heartbeat, a steady rhythm in his chest.
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  • He could make out faint traces red and green in the murky luminosity; switching his eyes to the ultraviolet, he could see even more colors as the diffuse clouds of the explosion's outer shells advanced through the outlying regions of the system's cometary dust and ice and gas. I kept telling myself that, concentrated on that, damning the stitch in my side, till shadows loomed before me and imperials began to shout, and I hared off into a wheat field with the Lady's hounds abay behind me.

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  • There's a quality about him that you can just tellmakes him stand out from other men.
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    As a business owner, you're interested in attracting more buying customers, right?

    And in today's economy it's getting tougher and tougher, right?

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    Well, we have a solution for your business and your budget!

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    Here are some other facts for you to think about:

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    Pelican Bay's isolation unit was unlike anything I had ever seen.
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